You don’t have to live in a mansion to see the rise of ringlock scaffolds in the UK

There are no shortage of reasons to live somewhere in the world where you don’t need a massive home, but what about the ones that can’t?

A new set of guidelines from the architect, designer and architect-in-residence of Krasinski Architecture has outlined the advantages of living in a home with a large ring-shaped balcony, plus the downsides.

“When we designed this project, we wanted to create an area that would inspire people to rethink the way they think about architecture,” said Krasinsky in a statement.

“We think that a large balcony is an ideal design that reflects the architecture and its history, but also makes a great space for people to relax and share their thoughts and experiences.”

“We designed the balcony with an open space, a large open courtyard and an open living area.

We wanted people to be able to enjoy the views while having a quiet space to connect to each other and each other’s space.”

Krasinski Architects have also come up with a set of rules for the layout of the balconies that make the project accessible to anyone who needs it.

“A balcony should be placed in a well-designed space with natural lighting, with good ventilation, low floors, and low ceilings,” said architect-designer and architect in residence, Chris D’Agostino.

“In the open space you should not have windows on the ground, and you should also avoid making a lot of large open spaces.”

The designers also included a few suggestions for different types of apartments, such as apartments with three or four bedrooms and larger apartments with one bedroom.

For a more detailed look at the design and the layout, you can watch the video below.