Why did jack scaffolds crash?

A scaffolding collapse killed at least seven people when a scaffolding fell in Virginia, and investigators are looking into whether a third scaffold was not properly secured.

The National Transportation Safety Board said Friday that it was investigating the collapse of scaffolding near the George Washington Bridge and the deaths of two men in separate incidents.

The collapse of the scaffolding on the George W. Bush Bridge in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Monday caused a large explosion that destroyed several nearby buildings.

Investigators said it was not clear whether the scaffold collapse was caused by human error or the weather.

The bridge has a high-traffic pedestrian zone.

In an interview, Robert Bostrom, a professor of engineering at Harvard University, said the collapse was likely a natural phenomenon that would not have happened without human intervention.

“There is no way to design the bridge so that a natural process wouldn’t happen, no way,” Bostram said.

“It is not possible to design it in such a way that an earthquake would not occur.

It is not a design flaw.

The design was designed.”

Investigators say there is no indication the other two scaffold collapses were caused by the same human error.