When you need scaffolding to get a house built, you can find it in the attic

AUSTIN, Texas — The attic is one of the many places you’ll find scaffolding in the United States.

And scaffolding is often in place for the homes of a certain age, but in a new generation of homes, that attic can be the place for home scaffolding.

The American Home Furnishings Association says a record-high 68,000 homes with at least one home scaffold will be constructed during the next decade.

But that figure includes many older homes that were built decades ago.

The organization said it’s expecting more homes to be completed with scaffolding this year.

In addition to home scaffolds, the American Home Finances Association also released its latest report on the state of home construction.

In the last 10 years, the number of new homes constructed with scaffolds in the U.S. has doubled, and more than 20 million of these homes are being built with scaffold on their floors.

The most common scaffold used in homes across the country is a two-story box.

It can be found at nearly every single building site, from the top floors of big shopping malls to the bottom of the kitchen cabinets of homes on the fringes of cities.

But there are many more common and inexpensive options.

A recent study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research showed that a home’s scaffold can cost less than $100.

And many homeowners can build scaffolds for less than the price of a small refrigerator.

The U. S. Census Bureau estimated last year that the average cost of a home scaffolder was $12.99.

The average cost for a scaffold of a three-bedroom home was $39.79, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The price of the average scaffold for a three bedroom home is now $59.95.

According to the U