When the scaffold falls, a train hits the building

Posted February 10, 2019 17:12:07Train services in the capital Sydney are facing a major disruption after a crane fell on the platform, damaging the platform’s roof.

Key points:A train carrying people and goods derailed after a faulty scaffold fell on platformThe rail operator says it is “deeply concerned” about the incidentA spokesperson for the state’s Department of Transport says it has contacted the owner of the building where the incident occurred”It is deeply concerning that this happened on the third rail and the safety of our passengers and the workers involved is paramount,” said Sydney Rail’s Managing Director Andrew Hill.

“We are deeply concerned about the safety and welfare of our workers, the people who work on the site and those who are accessing the site.”

He said there was a risk the scaffolding could collapse, potentially injuring those working on it.

“While this has been a very challenging time for us, the safety protocols are in place, the rail company and our staff are all fully trained and our priority is to ensure the safety,” he said.

“The rail company is working closely with NSW Ambulance to ensure we have a safe and secure rail journey for our members and the people of Sydney.”

Workers on site were rushed to the scene by ambulance on Monday.

The scaffolding fell on a third rail platform that is used to carry trains between Sydney’s central business district and the airport, on the south side of the CBD.

Workers said they were “shocked” when the scaffolder fell.

“It’s a bit of a shock because we are all working on the same side of this train and it just happened on top of us,” said one worker.

“Everyone’s in a bit shock, we’ve got to keep moving.”

Mr Hill said a train was on the other side of a gap and a new rail line had been installed.

“There’s no doubt that this is a very, very busy area of the train, particularly for our morning and evening services, but it’s also for services that are being built for our CBD,” he added.

“Our priority is for the people working on these platforms and the wider transport network.”

The Department of Finance and Employment and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development are all assisting the company.