U.S. roof scaffolds hit $5.6 billion in first half of fiscal year

The U.K. is set to be the first European nation to open its roofs to the sky, according to a new report.

U.K.-based consultancy AECOM said Thursday that it expects to see more than $5 billion in new roof scaffold business in the U.M. over the next two years.

It will be up to the European Union to provide the funding, which will be used to construct new roof structures, according the report.

The firm said the EU is likely to be responsible for the project, which would allow U.N. member states to help finance the building of new roofs.AECOM, a U.KS.-based market research firm, estimates the U,M.

will reap up to $5,700 in savings per person by 2020, compared to $10,000 per person in 2020.

It said the U could also save $1.3 billion annually.