The Lowes and Lowe’s scaffolding for a low-carbon future

By: Josh Stinson Lowes & Lowe’s are the first high-profile manufacturers to announce that they’re collaborating on a low carbon scaffolding system for the home.

Lowes is the leading provider of sustainable materials in the United States.

They’re responsible for a lot of the materials used in the construction industry and are a major force in helping the building industry transition to a more sustainable way of life.

Their new home product, The Lowe Greenhouse, is a high-performance, high-efficiency, carbon-neutral solution for building with the lowest impact of emissions on the planet.

“Lowes Greenhouse is a product that will help build a more resilient future for the people of the United Kingdom,” said Peter Moore, Vice President of Global Product at Lowe’s.

“By creating a low greenhouse footprint and building a sustainable product that provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials, we hope to make the building of the future easier and more sustainable.”

Lowes has already committed to reducing their emissions by 30 percent on their construction and renovation projects.

The company has partnered with a company called Blue Star Homes, who will develop a scaffolding solution for the project, with which Lowe’s is working to get a green certification.

The scaffolding will be manufactured by Blue Star and will be shipped in small boxes.

The Lowels Greenhouse will be available in early 2019.