Microsoft’s Windows 10: The new platform to beat

Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Windows 10 that’s designed to beat Apple’s iPhone, BlackBerry 10 and Android.

Microsoft’s latest release will be the first version of the operating system to support virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana.

It’ll be built on the same platform that powers the Xbox and the Xbox One.

It will be powered by the same cloud-based Azure cloud service, the same Windows Azure software platform, and it will be designed to work on the Surface tablet and Surface Pro 4.

Windows 10 will also be designed with a more streamlined user interface.

Windows RT will also see the light of day in its latest build, which should be available to developers in April, although the exact details haven’t been made public yet.

The update will come with a few tweaks to how it interacts with apps and games, and will include a new, improved search engine.

Windows Insiders can grab the new OS from Microsoft’s web site, but it will only be available as a download via the Insider programme.

We’ve also asked Microsoft for a list of new features and features that it plans to add to Windows 10.

We’ll update this article when we get a response.