“I think I’m going to die” – Donald Trump Jr. on the Waco shooting, and why he believes President Donald Trump’s lawyers are doing him a favor.

Posted November 17, 2018 11:21:53In the wake of Donald Trump Junior’s father Donald Jr.’s statement in defense of his father’s controversial statements regarding the shooting of the mentally ill suspect Waco rancher Brian Terry in Waco, Texas, it’s easy to lose sight of how much the media and the public is focused on the shooter himself.

In light of that, it would be easy to forget that the president’s son was also a co-founder of the political group that is suing the president in federal court in Texas.

That group is known as The Donald Trump Foundation, and its members are known as “citizens.”

In a statement, The Donald J. Trump Foundation stated:I am proud to join with the Trump family, who have been steadfast supporters of our country and of our democracy.

We will do whatever it takes to protect our country from terrorism, the very people that attacked us on 9/11, and we will never stop fighting for the American Dream.

Trump Jr.’ed up with a new, very broad definition of what constitutes a terrorist attack on American soil.

It includes any act of violence committed against U.S. citizens, including those on U.N. premises, on U!


soil, or on U!.

S. military installations, facilities, and personnel, as well as any acts that target U. S. persons.

That definition is far broader than any previous presidential administration.

In a statement released after Trump Jr.’d up with the claim, The Trump Foundation added that it is “not a political organization,” and that its goal is to “defend and advance the American dream.”

In the course of the day, Trump Jr., Trump Jr.-affiliated media figures, and a handful of Republican political leaders who were briefed on the case told Axios that Trump Jr and his associates are trying to spin the shooting as an attack on the country, as opposed to an act of terrorism.

Trump, who was briefed on this new claim, told the Associated Press that he thinks The Donald Foundation is “a great organization,” but that the group is not politically affiliated and that it’s not a political group.

“I think it’s a great organization.

I don’t think there’s anything politically correct about it.

I think it represents a lot of great people.

And it represents people who are not necessarily aligned with one particular party,” he said.”

We are trying very hard to keep it as nonpartisan as possible,” he added.

The Trump Foundation has been around since at least 2015, but its membership has grown rapidly over the years.

In the wake, it now has nearly 50,000 members, with about 3,000 of them based in the United States.

In the statement released with the statement, Trump also explained that he would not be “shocked” if his father, who has denied all responsibility for Terry’s death, is indicted over the attack.

“If the president, in his capacity as president of the United State, does not wish to prosecute, he should immediately withdraw the charges,” Trump Jr said.

“As the president of The Donald Campaign, I will continue to work to keep the American people safe.

I will also continue to support my father as he seeks the highest office in the land.”

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