How to make a scarlet letters scaffold

FourFourtwo – Scaffold is a staple of Lego construction sets.

And they’re also great for making your own scarlet words.

Here’s how to make your own scaffold with the Lego Scarlet Letter Kit.

Step 1.

Place a piece of cardboard in the centre of the base of your scaffold.

Step 2.

Fold the top of the cardboard in half and put it in the middle of the scaffold base.

Step 3.

Fold up the top half of the paper again, then fold it again down into the middle, then the top and bottom of the second fold.

Step 4.

Place the top two halves of the first fold and the top three halves of this fold on top of each other, then place the top part of the last fold on the top side of the other fold.

You can also fold the paper to form a grid.

Step 5.

Place your first fold in the top centre, and the bottom one in the bottom centre.

Step 6.

Fold all the other folds in the same order, then you can add a second fold and place it in front of the one that you just added.

Step 7.

Place both the top fold and second fold on your scaffolds.

Step 8.

Place an extra fold on each side of your original fold, and then place a second folding on each of the sides of your extra fold.

This creates a spiral staircase.

Step 9.

You’re done!

Step 10.

Now place your second fold in front, and place the extra fold in between, making sure to place the first and second folds in front.

Then place the rest of the fold in behind, and finally, the last two folds on the sides.

This completes the final scaffold!

Step 11.

Now you can put the last piece of scaffold on top and glue it.

You should have a spiral stairwell that’s very sturdy, with an awesome look.

Happy building!