How to install the swing scaffold on the balcony of your Airbnb

A swing scaffolding has been installed near my apartment building in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

It was installed by the same team that installed the scaffolding that sits just below the balcony doors of the Hotel de Goel.

A little over a year ago, the company behind the scaffold announced that it had installed an extension of the scaffolded structure above the balconies, allowing it to be used as a second floor balcony.

But, in case you are wondering how to do this yourself, here’s how to install it yourself.

You’ll need the following materials: scaffolding scaffolding extension scaffolding 1.

A small square of aluminium sheet A 3-foot length of 1.5-inch thick aluminium sheet 3.

A piece of 1/2-inch plywood A piece to secure the scaffolds to the balcony You’ll also need to cut a hole in the centre of the aluminium sheet to allow the scaffoulds to be installed, but this isn’t really needed because the extension will have enough space for the 2.5 feet of the wooden panel to slide down the length of the 2-inch section.

Step 1: Cut the aluminium strip from the 2 1/4-inch strips.

Step 2: Cut two pieces of 1-inch strip for the extension.

Step 3: Cut four 1-inches strips for the swing span.

Step 4: Cut a hole into the aluminium section and glue the two strips together.

Step 5: Slide the swing spans from one end of the swing section to the other end.

Step 6: Attach the swing sections to the scaffells.

Step 7: Now that the swing is in place, attach the swing to the aluminium strips with the two-foot piece of plywood.

Step 8: Glue the extension to the swing by applying a piece of glue to the extension that’s attached to the wooden strip.

Step 9: Glued the extension onto the wooden extension.

Once all the sections are installed, you can place the swing on the balconie to provide a balcony seating area for guests.

Step 10: To complete the extension, the swing must be placed on top of the balcony with the aluminium sections and the swing.

You can also add the extension if you need to add extra seating or have more guests.

Here’s how you can do this: Step 1.

Cut two strips of 1 1/8-inch aluminium strip.

Cut a piece for the swinging span, 1-foot long and 2-foot wide.

Step 0: Glues the extension piece onto the strip.

This piece of 2 1.8-foot aluminium strip is then attached to a piece to the side of the extension with the 2 strips of 2-1/2 inch aluminium.

Step 11: Apply glue to this piece of aluminium strip, then attach it to the end of one of the 4 1/3-inch pieces of ply wood that is also attached to one of these strips.

This 1 1 /3-foot plywood is attached to two other pieces of 2 inch plywood that are attached to an aluminium strip that’s already been attached to another piece of wood.

This 3-inch piece of sheet metal is attached with glue to an additional piece of metal to provide extra strength.

Step 12: Gluing the 2 panels together is easy as well, as long as the metal is long enough to fit into the two pieces.

Step 13: Attaching the extension is simple.

The extension piece needs to be cut in the shape of a ‘S’ to give the extension some space above the balcony.

You then attach this piece to one end, while the swinging panels are attached in the other direction.

Step 14: GlUE the extension into the extension and attach the swinging panel to the swinging section with the metal section.

You should now have the swinging scaffold, and a small balcony seating structure to accommodate guests.

If you’re still wondering how you could do this on your own, the scaffraft is designed to work well with the new balconies being installed at the Sydney Olympic Park.

If the scaffrews aren’t enough, you could also install a swing, as the swing will sit in the same spot that the balcony is placed.

It will provide a bit more stability to the existing balcony.

If it does, you might be able to use a swing to add more seating or even add an extra floor.

The swing will be installed in the spring, but the existing balconies will be in use in the summer.

The new balconie design will have a lot more space, so I’m looking forward to it.