How to build your own tiny homes with $5,000 of scaffolding

New York City’s tiny homes community is thriving.

In 2015, developers were eager to make their home designs affordable, but the affordable market did not yet exist for the new homes that were being built in a city where most people could barely afford a one-bedroom apartment.

That changed last year, when the city’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a program that allowed residents to purchase a 1- to 2-bedroom unit for as little as $1,000, making them eligible for affordable-housing vouchers.

The program has been embraced by residents who are eager to build affordable-home-sized homes, and the community has grown rapidly.

Now, developers are building and testing out new small-scale homes in an attempt to find out what works best for the community.

These tiny homes are not built in some giant, high-rise office tower or luxury apartment complex.

Instead, these homes are designed to be built out of wood, fabric, and recycled materials.

This allows for a smaller footprint and a greater ability to be customized.

It’s a process that has the potential to be transformative.

To help you learn more about tiny homes, we spoke to architects and designers who are working to change the way we build our homes.