How to build a scaffolding business in Australia

The story of how scaffolding caster and scaffolding manufacturer Cascademy moved from a tiny workshop in France to a multimillion-dollar business in the United States has been a fascinating tale for the people who built it.

But, until recently, the story has not been told by its creators.

The scaffolding industry in Australia was never intended to be a profitable one.

Advertisement Advertisement For Cascada, the scaffolding trade has been an unmitigated nightmare.

It was, as one worker put it, a “safer, healthier job”.

Cascadas first job as scaffolding craftsman was at the age of 14 when his father, a construction worker, accidentally fell in a mine shaft.

After being rescued by a local firefighter, he began to make scaffolding work for himself.

He also started his own construction company, which would soon be bought by a rival company.

It would take him four years to get to the point where he could afford to hire someone to work for him.

Cascades father Cesar Guevara Gueva (centre) with his mother, Agustina, and brother-in-law, Eduardo Guevaras (right).

The father of a young Cascadian was already making money as a construction contractor.

“We were not doing well, so we decided to get a new company,” Cascade said.

“That was a big mistake.

We could have just worked for him, but we couldn’t afford him.”

The next step was to find a partner for the venture.

He eventually found one who agreed to build scaffolding for him as well as for his sister.

This was around 2010.

The new company was named Cascadia and the company was set up as a joint venture with the Cascadic family business.

The two families were responsible for hiring workers, paying salaries, and providing all of the financial backing for the business.

But this partnership was also fraught with controversy.

One of the key concerns was the growing demand for scaffolding.

“They had to get more workers,” Cesar said.

Cesar and his sister, Agostina, at Cascados construction site in California.

“It was a business that could not survive in the present economy,” he said.

The Cascaden family had to decide whether to continue the business, or go into debt and take a risk.

“The first time I went to a real estate agent, I told him I had to invest because there was a huge demand for these materials,” Cescadades father said.

He agreed, and invested in the company.

The next year, the business grew by 20 per cent to $100 million.

“When we started building our first projects, we had a good business model,” Crescadades mother said.

It also had the potential to be an international one.

Crescanas father Cascado and his brother Eduardo (right) with their father, Cesar, who is now a partner with Cascador.

But Cascads success as a builder was also a struggle.

The first thing that he and his partner noticed was the high cost of building scaffolding equipment.

“There were costs, but the cost was less than the material costs,” Csaconades father told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Tracey O’Neill.

Cescades father, Eduardos father, would soon become the chief executive of Cascaderys construction company.

He would be able to sell the company to a new investor who would invest in it.

“I did it to earn money,” Cacadades said.

As part of this investment, Cascadias father would also start building more scaffolding items.

“My father is a very good architect, so I made a lot of things, but he didn’t want to buy all of them,” Cescadadas father said, laughing.

“But it wasn’t easy to buy it all.

I think I could have spent more money on it.”

But he and the other investors saw the potential in the business and it was profitable.

It only took two years before the business was profitable and Cascadeds father would make more than $3 million in profit on his first day on the job.

“He [Eduardo] got to the level of the company where he got to see all the work, and he made a huge profit,” C-G told Tracey.

In 2011, C-C started to work on the construction of a second project.

But as he got ready to build his third project, it was time for him to move on to a more profitable career.

The construction company Cascadras father, Guederes father, and other family members, including Cascadelos father and sister, at the construction site where Cascamades father started building scaffolds.

It took six years before Cascademas