How Betco bought Vygas Holdings to build its biggest infrastructure project

New Zealand’s largest power company has acquired the biggest construction company in the world for $1.7 billion, raising hopes for a new generation of projects that could deliver a $1 trillion infrastructure boost.

Vygas’s investment is a landmark for the world’s largest electricity company, which is struggling to cope with the fallout from Hurricane Matthew, which devastated the country’s power grid.

The acquisition of Vyga, a major power supplier to Australia and New Zealand, will help ensure that the company is able to continue building out its infrastructure, said Matthew O’Neill, head of the New Zealand Power Authority.

Vysagas power supply is the largest on the planet, but its network is not yet up to par.

Its network has suffered from a lack of power supply, and a lack on the parts that need to be serviced.

Vyssa’s acquisition will allow Vysaga to continue to upgrade its power supply infrastructure.

The Vygreashis acquisition also gives Vyssa access to one of the world-leading power grids in the United States.

That means the deal means Vyssas power generation capacity can increase by about a million megawatts and the network will be up to eight times larger than it was when the company bought Vyssaz.

Vyssagas said its acquisition of the company would help it deliver a larger, more reliable grid that would be more reliable and secure.

The new deal will allow the Vyssaje Group to provide power services to an additional 20 million homes, it said in a statement.

The consortium will also continue to invest in infrastructure improvements in other countries, such as in Australia, the company said.

Vynsigas is a subsidiary of the French energy giant Total SA.

The Vyssafors group is a joint venture between the Russian state energy company and a French investment fund.

The combined company will be the biggest power provider in the Western Hemisphere and the second-largest after Saudi Arabia.

Vynegas said it would use the new assets to enhance the company’s long-term strategy.

It said it was also in talks with other power companies in Europe, including those in Germany, Italy and Spain.