Donald Trump’s plan for a border wall is no simple thing

In an interview with The Associated Press, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said the Republican party needs to create a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We need to do it, and I want to do that, and we’re going to do very well with that wall,” Trump said.

“You have people who are coming into our country with criminal intentions.

You have people that are coming in with criminal intent.

And we have to stop them.”

Trump has promised to build a massive wall along the U; border with Mexico.

Trump has previously said he would not build the wall until the border is secured, a position that some have questioned because of the high cost of the construction.

Trump, who campaigned heavily on immigration reform during his 2016 presidential bid, also has been critical of the Obama administration’s enforcement strategy on the border, which has seen the number of arrests of immigrants and the number deported rise.

Trump also has said that the border should be a “sanctuary state,” a term that is typically reserved for states that do not enforce immigration law.

Trump said on Monday he would be open to reopening the U-Pass system for undocumented immigrants and those who entered the country illegally during the previous two years.

In the interview with the AP, Trump also said he supported building a fence on the entire U.N. border and that he was open to the possibility of using drones to attack terrorists.

Trump did not say if he would use drones against terrorists.

The AP reported that Trump said that he had a meeting with top immigration and border officials at Trump Tower on Monday, and said that “they are very supportive of the idea of a wall and a wall, a very, very big wall.

And I’ll tell you this, that wall will work.

It will work.”

Trump did not provide specifics on what the wall would look like or when it would be built, but he said he believed the U.; border was “in dire need of protection.”

“I am very confident that when we build the border wall, it will be an extremely strong wall,” he said.

A wall along U. S. soil would be more costly and less effective than building a wall along a U.K.-Mexico crossing, and Trump has suggested that his plan for building the wall will be cheaper than building the fence.

The Associated Reuters news service reported that the Trump campaign is working with immigration groups to prepare an immigration plan that could be submitted to the Federal Election Commission as early as this month.