A crane removes a scaffolding column after a fire in a Brisbane industrial site

The construction of a pump jack scaffold for a gas pipeline was delayed on Tuesday after the contractor went into a power outage.

Key points:A crane removes scaffolding after a gas leak at a factory site near BrisbaneCity Council has declared a state of emergency in the state’s southWest Queensland city of Brisbane has declared state of alert after a large gas leakThe gas leak has been containedThe building of a gas pipe has been delayed because of the fire, which caused a large leakThe company responsible for the scaffolding was called to the site in Brisbane on Monday morning to investigate.

They found a leak and found it was a gas storage tank that was leaking gas, said Mayor Richard Barrington.

“This leak is causing a huge amount of gas, and we have had to put in place a protective perimeter around the site to contain the gas,” he said.

“It’s really a critical site.”

The gas was detected at a gas tank in a building on the site, where the pipeline was to be constructed.

“There were two gas tanks on site at the time of the incident,” Mr Barrington said.”[They] are being monitored by the NSW Emergency Management Agency [EMMA], and we are also monitoring other sites that are likely to be impacted by this leak.”

Fire crews were called to a gas station in Brisbane, in the city’s south, on Monday.

No injuries were reported and the site has been declared safe.

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Key Points:The gas company that constructed the pump jack was ordered to keep the gas containment in place for an unknown amount of timeGas is leaking out of a pipe at a building at a site in the Brisbane industrial area (BRIZ).

The state’s emergency management agency (EMMA) said the leak was the result of a “natural gas leak” caused by the leak of a pressure regulator.

“The gas is leaking from a pipe, which is connected to a compressor, which we have been working on for the past few months, and that is causing the gas to leak,” the state emergency management minister, Scott Emerson, said.

Emergency services at the scene of the gas pipeline leak in Brisbane.(ABC News: Michael O’Brien)”The fire brigade are trying to contain it and try and get it out of the building.”

Gas has leaked from a pipeline in Brisbane.

“I’m just shocked,” one person told the ABC.

“We’re expecting to see a lot of gas out of that building,” said another.

“I don’t know how the gas is going to escape, how much it’s going to be,” said one person.

A fire crew works to contain a gas leaking from the site.(ABC Radio Queensland: Josh Roberts)”I think the main thing is that the building is safe, and I think the residents and the community will take their time to make sure that this building is not a hazard.”

The leak was discovered by firefighters shortly after 8:00am.

They have been on the scene since 9:00pm.

A gas leak in a gas facility at a Brisbane gas plant.

Emergency crews were initially concerned that the leak might be linked to a local power outage, but they were able to safely access the site.

The site is being closed until further notice.

“In the short term, it will be closed until there is a complete investigation into the cause of the leak,” Mr Emerson said.

Mr Emerson says there are no immediate concerns for residents in the area.