5 things you probably don’t know about a giant floating scaffold

The largest floating scaffolding project in the world is already under construction and the world’s biggest crane is set to lift it off the seafloor in a few days.

The giant floating crane is currently being built on the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile and it will be the largest floating structure in the history of the sea. 

It’s the largest structure on the sea floor, measuring more than 100 feet (30 meters) in length. 

The crane is designed to carry about 20,000 tons of materials and is capable of lifting about 6,000 tonnes of material. 

According to the Chile-based Chilean-based company CIMI, the crane is part of a consortium of three companies, CIMi Chile, Jules and Burt. 

CIMi is a Chilean company that owns and operates some of the worlds largest floating structures, including the world record floating scaffolds. 

Jules and burt are subsidiaries of CIMs parent company, IKEA.

The floating scaffolded structure will be erected in a bay at the center of the bay, which is the largest in the Pacific. 

Once completed, it will house a total of 7,000 apartments, shops, offices and recreational facilities, according to a press release from the Chilean government. 

Construction of the floating scaffraft is expected to take two to three years.

The structure will have to be lowered into the water using ropes attached to the crane.

The crane will be able to lift the structure using a hydraulic system, according the Chile government.

The crane is expected be able tow the floating structure using the hydraulic system.

The Chilean government says the crane will allow for an additional 10,000 residents to live in the bay.

The world’s tallest floating structure is the world-record floating scaffolder, the H.M.S. Sydney, which measures 754 feet (200 meters) and weighs more than 40,000,000 metric tons (more than 4,000 times the world total weight of the entire world population).