3,200 jobs hit by construction industry layoffs

The construction industry shed 3,000 jobs in September, according to a report from the United States Construction Administration.

The loss of 3,300 jobs in the construction and related services industries was driven by the loss of the construction supply chain.

The U.S.C.A. said in a release Tuesday that the construction industry experienced a net job loss of 13,600 jobs during the month of September, which includes the quarter ended September 25.

This was the second consecutive month of a net loss for the industry, the U.



“Construction industry employees have been impacted by the construction of the Affordable Care Act, the Affordable Health Care Act and related legislation in Congress,” the release said.

The release said that there was an increase in the number of contractors hired to work on the Affordable Healthcare Act, which increased from 1,400 jobs in January.

The construction supply chains were also affected by the repeal of the COVID-19 prevention, treatment and surveillance tax credit.

The tax credit allowed companies to offer workers lower health insurance premiums.

The government announced earlier this month that it would extend the credit for another year.

The credit expired in 2019.

The unemployment rate is at 7.7 percent.